Jigsaw Mania

Jigsaw Mania

Jigsaw Mania is a complete pack of real jigsaw puzzle

If you are a huge fun of Jigsaw like me, then you cannot miss this opportunity to download, in my modest opinion, the best jigsaw ever.
Jigsaw Mania is a complete pack of real jigsaw puzzle.
With Jigsaw Mania you have more than 1000 jigsaws for free. It also has a browser to look for the images you want and once you find them you can create your very own and personalized jigsaw puzzle to play with your family or friends.

This game can be played by the whole family and it is also very easy to play and install. When you create the puzzle you want with a picture of your choice, then you can e-mail it to anyone you want, just use the built-in e-mail feature.

Talking about number of pieces, well, you can choose as many as you want with a maximum of 6000 pieces per jigsaw puzzle. Every puzzle you open, will be opened in a separate window. Once you finish playing you can save your settings or even your game to play it later. You do not need a powerful computer, with a basic one you will be able to download and play this very nice Jigsaw Mania.

Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Large number of pieces
  • Customizable jigsaw feature


  • Only commercial license available
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